A fundamental rule followed by the management at LASARTE MAROC is that all the services LASARTE MAROC provide fulfil the requirements and needs of their clients, while ensuring environmental stewardship and guaranteeing the health and safety of their entire staff.

To achieve this, the management at LASARTE MAROC has committed to follow the environmental policies set forth in this document which lays the foundation for the development and improvement of the Comprehensive Quality, Health, Safety and Environment System, guaranteeing compliance by everybody in the company with the rules contained in the Procedures Handbook.

The Management, in collaboration with the heads of the different departments, defines the necessary teams, organization and work procedures followed by the company’s Management System to achieve the objectives in terms of growth, advance and ongoing improvement set by the company.

The Management at LASARTE MAROC continuously studies the application and efficiency of these rules, and guarantees the fulfilment and improvement of the company’s Integrated Management System.


LASARTE MAROC commits to perform the company’s activities in accordance with the following principles the company’s Comprehensive Management Policy is based on:

  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements, including any other requirements the Company subscribes to voluntarily.
  • Perform the company’s activities having in account the prevention of contamination and reduction to a minimum of its effects on the area where they are carried out, the protection of the company’s workers by providing them with means needed to prevent health hazards and deterioration.
  • Prioritize in the achievement of maximum job safety in the execution of all our services, keep all staff trained and informed in the prevention of their occupational risks, ensuring the use of protective equipment, updatin their medical exams and applying the asme safety standards established in the mother company in Spain.
  • Ensure the road safety of all stakeholders taking part in the transport services.
  • Check the degree of client satisfaction by keeping in constant touch with the company’s clients to know their expectations and thereby provide an optimum service.
  • Purchase vehicles, which following the results obtained in the company, are considered the most adequate in order to attend to the present and future needs of the company’s clients, incorporating environment-friendly technology.
  • Guarantee the vehicles are maintained in good conditions through internal revisions following management programs implemented by independent companies related to compulsory external revisions.
  • Set an annual improvement goals program, with periodical compliance verifications, and taking steps whenever necessary to ensure ongoing evolution of the integrated system.
  • Promote collaboration and mutual respect among the employees, suppliers and subcontractors, driving them to adopt these policy principals in their daily work in order to achieve the set goals, and to guarantee that LASARTE MAROC’s clients receive the best attention and service possible.
  • Select personnel following not only qualification and experience criteria, but also human values, and holding training programs to raise the degree of specific knowledge needed to carry out their tasks, including road safety as one of the pillars in the development of awareness actions for the workforce
  • Zero tolerance towards racist and discriminatory behaviour within the company.

This policy is implemented through a Comprehensive Quality, Environmental and Occupational Hazard Prevention Management System based on UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 45001:2018 e ISO 39001: 2013.